COVID-19 Update

During the lockdown, there are no events taking place. However, if you are out on your daily walk and feel comfortable to collect litter that you see, please do so in a safe manner. We advise that you use gloves and litter pickers and make sure you dispose of the litter safely and wash your hands well when you finish. #staysafe

Below you’ll find details of events that are happening around the city that support the Plastic Free Communities aims.  If you’d like to add details of an event, please do get in touch.


Southsea Beachwatch Beach Cleans

All are welcome, this includes children & dogs

How it works:

Meet up. Listen to the mini-briefing. Group photo to help record volunteer numbers and to help promote the cleans (optional but helpful!). Borrow litter pickers and gloves, grab a bag and get going!

The aim is to remove anything manmade from the beach – e.g. plastics, metals, wood, glass, textiles, no matter how small.

You’ll generally find the most rubbish along the high tide mark, so it’s a good place to start.

Clean for as long as you like, just make sure you return your full bags to the start point by 12!

SHARP GLASS/NEEDLES – do not put these in your bag, do not pick them up – note the location and ask beach clean co-ordinator to deal with.

POO – Do not pick this up – cover it over with pebbles or sand.

Leave driftwood and seaweed as these help to support coastal plants while making the beach more stable (so important with all the stormy waves we get here!)