Our team is always interested in supporting local schools in their education on plastic pollution issues.  We’re available for assemblies, lessons, beach cleans and more, so just get in touch with your request.

Portsmouth Music Hub

Image result for portsmouth music hub logoPortsmouth Music Hub are a great resource for schools interested in learning through song.  Their theme this year is One World and they have a wealth of resources available online, including some great videos and songs around plastic.

Plastic-Free Day 2019

On the 8th May 2019, lots of local schools will be taking part in Plastic-Free Day, so we wanted to provide a few resources to help in school.

Image result for plastic free dayThis year the event (coinciding with Sir David Attenborough’s 93rd birthday) is being organised by Final Straw Solent and you can find lots of information on their page here.

If you’re based in Portsmouth, we’re happy to come in and do an assembly ahead of the event, to explain more about the challenges of plastic pollution and give the children some lunchbox, and other, ideas.  Email us to find out more and arrange a date, or to receive a copy of the presentation to deliver yourself.

Plastic-Free Lunchboxes

lunch in green lunchboxResearch has shown that the average child’s lunchbox contains 3 pieces of single-use plastic, which over a school year would amount to 30kg of plastic!  Here are some ideas of eliminating the single-use plastic from your lunchbox:

  • Sandwiches and wraps can go in reuseable plastic tubs, or wrap them in fabric or beeswax wraps. (There are lots of online tutorials on how to make these.)
  • Chop up fruit and veg sticks at home and pop them in small washable plastic containers.
  • Cheese straws/dips – how about getting a regular block of cheese and either cutting long sticks of cheese, or get some cookie cutters and cut fun shapes to go in the lunchbox, then just pop them in some tupperware.
  • Ditch the crisps, or if you’re not ready for that, swap to buying large share bags of crisps and just give your child a few each day in a washable pot.
  • Swap to popcorn that you can simply pop at home and pop a portion in a pot.
  • Ditch the small cake bars and have fun at the weekend with some baking of tray bakes, biscuits or cupcakes, which will do the week’s lunchboxes.  Lots of recipes online, and often the quickest and simplest are things like flapjack, brownies, marble cake, crispy rice cakes, oat cookies.
  • Ditch the yoghurt in small plastic tubes, and buy a large pot that will last the week, and decant into smaller pots.
  • Leave the small juice cartons with plastic straws out, and swap to a metal bottle with water that can simply be rinsed and refilled.
  • The NHS also have some simple, healthy lunchbox suggestions here, and a quick online search with lead you to many other suggestions too.