6 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use This Summer

Across the country children are breaking up for the summer holidays, and we thought we’d suggest a few things you can do this summer to reduce your plastic use and waste.  Remember there is NO ‘away’, so it’s best to avoid it in the first place and little changes to habits all have an impact.  So here goes:

  1. Icecream treat: if you’re out and about and fancy a delicious, cooling treat, choose an icecream in a cone, rather than in a tub with a plastic spoon or an ice lolly wrapped in plastic.Icecream in a cone
  2. Holiday buys: want to buy something to remember a trip….pick up a cotton t-shirt; bottle or can of local brew; locally made pickle or jam; or simply enjoy your holiday snaps…all these help reduce your plastic consumption and give back to the local economy.
  3. Keep safe from the sun: there is now suncream available which comes in metal tins, here’s one example that we’re using.  And remember covering up and staying in the shade are other safe options, especially in the heat of the midday and early afternoon sun.
  4. Water Bottles: before leaving the house, always remember to take a water bottle with you.  And if you’re out and about and need to refill it – no problem.  Ask your nearest cafe or pub and they should be more than happy to help.  You can download the Refill app to find your closest refill point when out and about, and if you’re down on Portsmouth seafront, check out the 5 new refill stations.  (And don’t forget your reuseable cup if you prefer hot drinks.)Photo by Tofros.com from Pexels
  5. Make & Take Snacks: it’s hard to get snacks out and about that aren’t wrapped in plastic, so why not have some fun with the kids and do some baking at points during the holiday and make lots of lovely treats to take with you.  There are lots of great recipes available online, and plenty that you can freeze, so you can make big batches and bring them out when you need them.  Or grab some fruit as you head out or pick some up from a local shop….all fruit comes pre-wrapped in it’s natural packaging, so shouldn’t need to involve plastic. Child baking
  6. Water fun: the kids might want some fun water games to keep cool, so think creatively about what you already have and can use instead of heading out to buy plastic water guns or water bomb balloons.  In most houses you’ll find some sponges, reusable plastic cups/bowls/buckets, colanders and there is lots of fun to be had flinging wet sponges at each other, playing pass the cup….get creative!  (Have you tried the frozen t-shirt race.  Get t-shirts wet, fold and freeze (seperately) in the freezer….hand them out to the kids and see who can get the t-shirt on the fastest….it’s not a quick game…can take a good 10 minutes, but it’s pretty funny.)Water Games

Got more ideas and tips, feel free to comment below.

From all of us at Plastic Free Portsmouth we hope you have an amazing summer and enjoy time with friends and family.

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